This Morning’s Josie Gibson gets stuck in a bin as she screams for help

Hapless TV presenter Josie Gibson, 36, had jumped into a recycling bin to surprise a viewer as part of the Dosh on Your Doorstep competition – but it all went wrong

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This Morning: Josie Gibson struggles to escape wheelie bin

Josie Gibson got herself into a bit of a sticky situation today on This Morning as she ended up getting stuck in a bin live on This Morning today.

The hapless TV presenter, 36, had jumped into a recycling bin to surprise a viewer as part of the Dosh on Your Doorstep competition.

As she sat in the bin, she was wheeled over to the doorstep as she continued to scream and laugh.

Meanwhile, Alison and Dermot rang up winner Gabby, who was shocked to hear from both of them.

Dermot asked: “Would you mind taking a look out of your window? You might see possibly the strangest sight you’ll ever see in your life, which is one of our producers in a beautiful sheepskin jacket pulling Josie Gibson to your door. “

Josie continued to scream “get me out!” as the video link glitched.

“I can’t get out the bin!” Josie yelled as Alison began to chuckle as she hid her face behind her hand.

“She can’t get out!” Alison burst out laughing. “We can’t even see her.”

“We’ll be back with a heavily pixelated Josie and Gabriella to play Dosh on Your Doorstep in around 10 minutes’ time,” said Dermot.

Alison said: “Oh my god, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen.”

Dermot exclaimed: “You didn’t see any of it!”

Later on, Alison told Dermot she loved him after a year of working together.

After speaking to a dating expert, who charged £10k for advice, Dermot joked: “When you do send your invoice, make sure you send it to Loose Women.”

As Alison laughed, she added: “Can I just say something? I love you.”

“Me?” Dermot asked. “Well, that’s fine because it’s been way over a year.”

“I love you,” she said.

Promptly, he replied: “Thank you. That’s nice.”

*This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV

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