Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen warns Stacey Solomon over Pickle Cottage decorating choices


Stacey Solomon’s colour choice for her home decoration has come under scrutiny from Changing Rooms presenter Laurence Lllewelyn-Bowen

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Design guru Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has criticised Stacey Solomon’s colour choices as she continues to decorate Pickle Cottage.

The Loose Women star, 32, regularly shares her hints, tips and designs with her legion of followers on social media, with many praising her ingenuity.

And despite only giving birth to her fourth child last month, the former X Factor contestant has continued to plough on with her home’s overhaul in a bid to make it perfect.

But one man who knows a thing or two about interior decorating is Changing Rooms’ Laurence and he’s not too sure about Stacey’s colour choices.

The 56-year-old was speaking to The Mirror on the red carpet of the Together For Short Lives Ball on Tuesday evening and offered the affable Stacey a bit of advice: “Move on from the bloody grey!”

Stacey Solomon regular shares design hacks with her fans

He went on to tell any budding decorators: “Bring your personality out, not just Stacey Solomon grey!”

Stacey’s Pickle Cottage has underwent a huge transformation since she bought it with hubby-to-be Joe Swash in March.

The pair’s £1.2 million “forever home” saw them up sticks and move from the busy city to the tranquil country.

They quickly nicknamed the property “Pickle Cottage,” which is a play on the cute pet name Stacey uses for her kids.

It boasts a huge garden for the children to play in and offers panoramic views across the lush green country.

The house has been redecorated from top to bottom, with Stacey even confessing to finding a “secret” door at the weekend.

She joked that she wants to live in a “real life Harry Potter world” as she took fans on a tour of the revamped front room with baby Rose gurgling adorably in her arms.

Laurence’s comments aren’t the first time he has criticised the home decor of celebs in recent weeks.

Laurence Llowelyn-Bowen hasn’t held back with his thoughts


Jon Cottam)

Fellow Changing Rooms presenter Anna Richardson admitted last month that she has banned the star from her home after he and the criticised her “embarrassing, middle aged lady” decor.

She said: “I would not let Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen anywhere near my property.

“Not within 100 miles. I would have to get a court order out against him. I love him to bits, but the same goes for Russell and Jordan, I wouldn’t let 2LG anywhere near my house.

“We’ve got totally different aesthetics. They just utterly take the p*** out of me because I am that classic greige that they talk about on Changing Rooms.”

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