I’m A Celeb Snoochie Shy’s real name, awkward meaning and secret famous ‘husband’

ITV I’m A Celebrity star Snoochie Shy has revealed her nan came up with her nickname, which she uses professionally on Radio 1Xtra, but they didn’t know the true meaning

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I’m A Celeb: Snoochie takes on the Treacherous Traps trial

Snoochie Shy has been one of the standout characters from the opening episodes of this year’s I’m A Celebrity.

The Radio 1Xtra host entered the castle as one of the least well-known stars, but has been centre of the action after being forced to take on two trials in as many days.

The 29-year-old, who landed her late night slot two years ago, is following in the footsteps of fellow DJ Jordan Norther and swapping the cosy studio for cold and terrifying Castle Gwrych.

As well as her radio gig, Snoochie is a presenter on YO! MTV raps, has live-hosted on red carpets such as the MOBO awards and been a presenter for fashion brand Misguided.

Normally she’s flying all over the world to DJ for brands such as Adidas, Topshop and River Island, so sleeping on the stone floor of a haunted castle might be a shock to the system.

What many I’m A Celeb viewers may not know is that Snoochie is not her actual name – but rather an nickname given by her gran.

Snoochie Shy is a radio DJ and MTV presenter


Dave Benett/Getty Images for Redbull)

Snoochie looks very different in her camp gear



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Her real name is actually Cheyenne David, but she got her radio moniker because it was what her nan called her as a child.

Although she was unaware it had a different meaning until she discovered the name on Urban Dictionary.

“My nan used to call me Snoochie when I was younger and it was just a name that stuck with me, really, when I came to work,” she explained.

“But then when I went on Urban Dictionary I probably should have checked it before because it actually means you’ve left your carrot in the refrigerator.

“But obviously when my nan was saying it to me it sounded cute, so… yeah, channeling that carrot energy as well.

“And Shy, my real name is Cheyenne so it’s short for Cheyenne. But I am a little bit shy as well!”

Snoochie, who appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox series three with Jeremy Vine, also has a famous (sort of) ‘husband’.

Snoochie’s real name is actually Cheyenne

Snoochie flies around the world working as a DJ



The DJ got married to British rapper Michael Dapaah, better known as Big Shaq, during the music video for his 2018 hit Man Don’t Dance.

The pair walk down the aisle, with Snoochie wearing a glamorous white dress, but it was just for show and they are not an actual couple.

On her Instagram, Snoochie shared a video from their “big day” with the caption: “SECURED DA SHAQ. FINALLY GOT MARRIED INIT.

“I never expected it but we here now man. Hold tight marriage gang. We have arrived.”

They turned it into a running joke and the pair continue to refer to each other as “husband and wife”, although Snoochie once teased they’re heading for divorce due to conflicting lifestyles.

Appearing on the JD Official YouTube channel, Snoochie confessed: “I don’t know, man. I feel like we might be on the brink of divorce quite soon. There’s just a lot happening right now.

“He’s busy. He’s busy getting, like, private jets and stuff. Meanwhile, I’m on the bus.”

Snoochie has already spoken about poo



During her opening I’m A Celeb interview, Snoochie caused a stir by immediately talking about her vagina and poo.

“I’m quite terrified of a lot of things to be honest… bit worried about bugs going up my vagina,” she confessed, leaving viewers horrified.

After meeting three of her fellow campmates she was taken to the first challenge by hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, who revealed they were to be harnessed up and needed to walk out on a platform 230 feet above the ground in order to win.

Snoochie confessed she could feel “poo coming out of her bum” as she geared up for the terrifying trial, prompting Ant and Dec to burst into fits of laughter.

Before entering the castle, Snoochie revealed that her biggest fear would be lying in a coffin with creepy crawlies.

Snoochie Shy screams in terror during her latest I’m A Celeb trial



“I’ve seen bugs go up people’s noses before and I am scared bugs are going to go up my private parts,” she explained.

“But I am excited about taking part and as soon as they asked me to come on the show, I said yes.”

It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to confess that bit of information, as the public voted her to take on tonight’s terrifying trial which involves just that.

Having survived the infamous eating challenge, Snoochie will be back at the trial clearing for Treacherous Traps.

The radio presenter is seen shaking in terror during a preview for the gruesome trial, which involves being trapped inside a claustrophobic space while cockroaches and other insects are let loose.

Many fans will be hoping Snoochie gets the win after claiming she was robbed of the win after wolfing down revolting dishes in The Castle’s Dreaded Diner challenge.

The trial ended up in a draw and Snoochie lost out in the tie break because she took longer to finish her drink, but she had actually eaten extra food after getting the worse option on the spinning wheel.

Will Snoochie manage to conquer her demons tonight?

*I’m A Celebrity airs tonight on ITV at 9.15pm

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