I’m A Celeb contestants could die from these bushtucker trials says experts

With trials containing killer snakes and fatal falls, the risks of death are surprisingly high for some trials

Gwyrch Castle in Wales has been the location of the series since last year
Gwyrch Castle in Wales has been the location of the series since last year

With I’m A Celeb comes great entertainment, but according to experts, contestants might be in for a shock when they find out the risk of some bushtucker trials.

With the 12 stars lined up for this year’s series raring to go and ready to face the creepy crawlies, it begs the question, do they really know the real risks?

Life insurance experts at I’m Insured have analysed the trials from Gwrych Castle last year as well as previous seasons, to reveal which trials are most fatal.

The HASpod risk assessment calculator ranks the safety of trials and analyses them based on unpredictability and the likelihood of injury, or death.

1. The Abseil

Risk: Very high (6.22/10)

The first trial of the season is the most deadly according to experts



The very first trial to open the show requires contestants to abseil or skydive their way into camp or castle.

Last year, we saw campmates abseil off a cliff while trying to get their collection of rucksacks.

According to experts, celebrities are exposed to a number of hazards including anchor and equipment failure.

This could see the celeb unravel from the rope holding them up, as well as being hit by dropped equipment and rockfall.

We don’t need to remind you of DJ Jordan North’s petrified reaction after being challenged to plummet down the cliff face.

2. Sub-Merged

Risk: Medium 3.67/10

Every year, contestants are faced with everyone’s worst nightmare, being locked inside a water tank with underwater critters.

Although we didn’t see the trial last year due to the location change, the nail-biting underwater trial is still a classic.

Back in 2013 when Joey Essex took part in the challenge, he told viewers he “feared for his life” as he was submerged in water in a submarine.

According to I’m Insured, if this one goes ahead again, campmates are at a ‘medium’ risk of drowning, “swimmer’s ear” and underwater critter bites.

3. Viper Vault

Risk: Medium (3.44/10)

A viper has a natural defences to bite, attack or even attempt to strangle a contestant



Anything involving snakes and being buried alive is beyond terrifying, which is why the Viper Vault trial is of medium risk.

The 2020 series of I’m A Celeb saw contestants, Jordan North and Shane Ritchie, take part in the terrifying Viper Vault trial, where they battled for meal stars.

The obvious risk of being buried alive is far from the only potential death trap in these dangerous trials.

But it’s the unpredictability of the snakes’ behaviour that could mean contestants may face the wrath of an angry serpent.

Not forgetting the zoonotic diseases which can be passed from reptiles to humans too.

4. Celebrity Cyclone

Risk: Medium (3.33/10)

This particular trial may not be as terrifying as the others and is usually seen as a bit of fun to end the series – but it does come with risks.

It sees contestants scramble up a wet slippery assault course to collect and hold onto stars, whilst having objects and water thrown at them.

The Cyclone has a chance of causing injuries such as slips, bruising, broken bones or in the worst case, head trauma.

5. Fill Your Face

Risk: Low (2.68/10)

Celebrities have to deal with a face full of mealworms and many other critters

Imagine having hundreds of critters piling around your face when wearing a fishbowl shaped headgear.

That’s what celebrities are faced with on the ‘Fill Your Face’ trial, featuring mealworms, maggots and scorpions to name a few.

Potential ‘low’ risks include bug bites and blocked orifices, as seen back in 2011 when professional athlete Fatima Whitbread had to flush out a cockroach from her nose.

6. Frightening Feast

Risk: Low (2.33/10)

It’s everyone’s favourite challenge, the eating challenge, which always gets people talking.

Perhaps the most stomach-churning part of the show, from sheep’s testicles to crocodile penis, there’s plenty of disgusting meals on the menu.

It can come with some consequences though, like when in the 2011 series stand up comedian Freddie Star was rushed to hospital with food poisoning after eating the infamous fermented egg.

Although a lot of attention goes into the show’s food hygiene, bacteria is less easy to spot and if not thoroughly cooked and cleaned it can be a real health hazard.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! begins on ITV and ITV Hub on November 21.

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