“Don’t maths shame me Martin”: Susanna Reid warns GMB co-star

Susanna Reid snapped at Martin Lewis when discussing a maths problem that they were giving to Dara Ó Briain later in the show

Martin Lewis and Susanna Reid on this morning's Good Morning Britain
Martin Lewis and Susanna Reid on this morning’s Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid has hit out at money expert and co-star Martin Lewis, warning him not to “maths shame” her.

During Tuesday morning’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, the 50-year-old snapped at 49-year-old Martin, founder of MoneySavingExpert.com, after he informed viewers that he had set a maths challenge for comedian, Dara Ó Briain, to complete later in the show.

Just before the programme cut to a break, addressing the camera, Susanna said: “We have a lot more still to come on the programme including Dara Ó Briain after 8 o’clock and Martin has a maths challenge for him.”

Martin then interjected: “He’s gonna find it easy, I wonder if other people around here will find it quite so simple,” before glancing towards Susanna in comical manner.

Susanna responds with an eye roll to camera before stifling a laugh and hitting back with: “Don’t maths shame me Martin!”

When Dara joined them a little later, he was set the mathematical challenge in question, Martin said: “So the reason we are doing this is that it’s National Numeracy Challenge Week.

“Lots of people are scared of maths, functional maths, but it’s really important for your day-to-day life.

“If you’re [worried] about maths go to the website and you’ll be able to see how good you are.”

Dara Ó Briain is known for his intellect, having studied mathematics and theoretical physics at University College Dublin.

The challenge saw viewers shown three diagrams of pizzas on a chalkboard, two with 10 inch diameters priced at £10 and one 15 inch pizza priced at £10.

The question asked them to work out which option would result in the best deal for a consumer. Susanna commenced, armed with pen and paper whilst Dara opted to work it out mentally.

Dara O’Briain previously studied maths at university level


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Giving her answer, Susanna said: “So I’ve got two children at home at the moment and if I split one pizza between them, they’d be cross, but if I gave them a pizza each, then they’d be happy. That’s my answer.”

Dara then explained, saying: “Yea you’re right and you can get different toppings but the better one to get is the big one because the area of a circle is pi r squared.

“So you take the radius and square it, so you get 225 pi amount of pizza vs two x 100 x pi of pizza, so go for the big one.”

Susanna responded: “We’re talking about maths analysis vs actual practicality.”

Martin then added: “In terms of area, absolutely right, it’s just about the radius squared, so you’ve got five, which is 25, squared x 2 is 50, and 7.5 squared is 56.25, so it’s bigger.”

Martin then appeared to catch Dara off guard, re-framing the question and asking what would be better for someone who likes stuffed crust.

Dara looked surprised before replying: “Oh lord! Then you’d go to the two small ones.”

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