David Ginola’s partner fears he could have another heart attack on I’m A Celeb

Maëva Denat has said that it’s a “constant battle” to get the football star to take care of himself, worrying that he might not live to see their daughter grow up

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 27: David Ginola and Maeva Denat attend the British Heart Foundation Beating Hearts Ball at Guildhall on February 27, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)
Maëva Denat has voiced concerns about partner David Ginola suffering another heart attack

I’m A Celeb’s David Ginola’s partner has spoken out about worries she will have to care for their young daughter alone if he suffers another heart attack.

Model Maëva Denat said that the former footballer eats “like a Viking” and has little fear of dying despite once being clinically dead for nine minutes.

The French football star – who the Mirror exclusively revealed is set to star on the upcoming series of I’m A Celebrity – suffered a cardiac arrest in 2016, while playing on the French Riviera.

With concerns surrounding his health, his partner has confessed that she worries something will happen while he is away from home.

The French beauty shares a three-year-old daughter with the former midfielder and said that the 54-year-old disliked exercise, drank wine, loved red meat and cheese and also smoked 10 cigarettes a day until recently.

Maëva has voiced concerns that David’s health will prevent him from seeing their daughter grow up


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Maëva, 37, told The Sun on Sunday : “My biggest fear is he goes away and then something happens. I dread the thought of him not coming home.”

The stunning French model, who has been with David since 2016, said that it feels like a “constant battle” to get David to take care of himself, with his lifestyle concerning them both.

Maëva said: “David’s biggest fear is he won’t live to see our daughter ever grow up and I feel the same way. It feels like there is a huge void in my life when he goes away. We miss each other so much.

“I am always worried about David’s health and what if something happens like before?

“I push him to take care of himself but it is a constant battle.

“David loves to cook and to eat and can eat three plates of food when you have just one. Like most French people, he likes to drink wine and smoke, but I’ve been trying to get him to stop.”

David and Maëva share three-year-old daughter Ever


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The football star is a campmate in the upcoming season of I’m A Celeb


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David suffered the cardiac arrest that left him clinically dead for a number of minutes after scoring a goal in a charity football game in May 2016.

The arrest caused the football star to collapse in the French town of Mandelieu-La Napoule, it is reported that he only survived as a result of friend Frederic Mendy performing CPR.

He was taken to a hospital in Monaco by air ambulance, where he underwent a quadruple bypass surgery.

David told French newspaper L’Equipe in June 2016, that he had a nine out of 10 chance of being left in a permanent vegetative state.

David Ginola claims he is a “lucky star” for surviving cardiac arrest


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He said: “The fact that I am still here . The clinic told me that nine out of ten people who return after that happens are in the state of a vegetable. I must have a lucky star – that must be my mother up there watching over me.”

While Maëva resides in their home in the South of France, David is currently isolating in Wales alongside his campmates ahead of I’m A Celeb.

The show is due to start next Sunday.

It is believed that there was a medical check for all campmates and that there is a defibrillator on standby at Gwrych Castle.

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