Charles Drury hits back at Lauren Goodger to insist he saw sick daughter in hospital

Lauren and Charles’s relationship has collapsed in recent days while their infant daughter has been in hospital battling a virus. The parents have been sharing conflicting accounts online.

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Lauren Goodger talks about life with a newborn

Lauren Goodger’s ex-fiancé Charles Drury has hit back at the reality star after she claimed he has not been dedicated enough to their sick daughter.

The 35-year-old former The only Way Is Essex star was in a relationship with 23-year-old builder and semi-pro footballer Charles from 2020 until last week and they welcomed a daughter named Larose in July.

Lauren has been keeping fans updated about her and Larose’s life since it was announced her relationship with Charles came to a crashing end this past week.

And while Lauren has used social media to suggest Charles dumped her while their daughter was sick in hospital, the sportsman has hit back at the ITV star to suggest he has been more dedicated to their child than she might have implied.

Charles Drury has hit back at accusations by Lauren Goodger he hasn’t spent enough time with their sick daughter



Taking to social media himself on Friday, Charles wrote alongside a snap of himself with four-month-old Larose: “Daddy has & always will be here for you when I’m allowed to be my princess.

“I shouldn’t have to post things like this to show that I’ve been there for my daughter in & out of hospital whilst she was poorly but it’s being portrayed like I haven’t and some of the messages I’ve been getting are disgusting!”

Taking a discrete swipe at Lauren, he added: “The only difference is I haven’t been posting it all up on Instagram ‘.”

Last week, Lauren took to social media to express her fury that Charles had ditched her while their daughter was hospitalised and battling an infection.

She had described the moment as the “hardest two days of my life” as baby Larose battled illness while in hospital.

Lauren, at least, had the support of her followers who send well wishes to her during her ordeal – and taking to social media on Friday she thanked followers for their support.

She gushed: “Just wanted to say thank you for the 1000s of dms they are beautiful and I’m so greatful for your support on these hard times with a lot going on.”

She continued, writing she had: “spent 3 days in hospital with my little princess.

Lauren Goodger has thanked fans for support



“Mummy always has been and always will be by your side everyday!! We home now and she is so much better. I love you more than anything in the world ! Not long until your first Christmas this is me and you now my angel.. love you.”

Charles had previously revealed his relationship with Lauren was all over, writing online: “Only going to post this once, me & Lauren have decided to go our separate ways.

“Things must remain civil for the sake of our daughter, Lauren is great mum so when it comes to Larose we both have her best interest at heart so she will still see us both.”

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