Apprentice runner-up Camilla Ainsworth is selling nude videos of herself on OnlyFans

Apprentice runner-up Camilla Ainsworth is selling nude videos of herself on OnlyFans

Camilla Ainsworth is now selling nude videos on her OnlyFans – and she is raking in the cash from her racy content

Camilla squeezes nut milk in preparation for The Apprentice

The Apprentice runner-up Camilla Ainsworth is reportedly selling nude videos of herself on OnlyFans.

The 24-year-old businesswoman is the latest candidate of the show to be raking in cash following her success on the series.

It’s claimed Camilla’s decision to join the adult website has “embarrassed” BBC bosses, according to The Sun.

A source told the publication: “So much for the show portraying go-getting young business wannabes.

“They just seem to want get-rich-quick fame and fortunes.”

Camilla’s fans pay £12 a month to get videos of her in skimpy clothing.

For £60 viewers get exclusive topless footage, while £75 buys 15-second full frontal clips.

Camilla Ainsworth has an OnlyFans account

The star has dubbed her page as “too naughty for Instagram ” and racy snaps show the star in a bikini, thong, basque, bra and a yoga work-out.

She told her fans: “I feel it’s time to start posting unapologetically and to have a close-knit community of fans who are interested in getting to know me more personally.”

A BBC source added: “Lord Sugar was 50-50 about making Camilla his business partner, and now she’s followed the route of Love Island stars by stripping online.

“It’s not the money-spinning career envisaged.”

The former Apprentice star shot to fame on the show

Camilla shot to fame on the BBC1 show in 2018, and lost out on the winning spot at the last minute to swimwear designer Sian Gabbidon.

In January she oficially launched her first dairy-free nut milk drink M+LKPLUS in Holland & Barrett, and she says everything has been absolutely “crazy” ever since.

She told Mirror Online: “It was absolutely crazy. I couldn’t stop going into Holland and Barrett and buying it. It was such a novelty.

“They had my face on the fridge, which I didn’t know know they were going to do. I jut walked in and was like ‘oh my God’.

“It was such an amazing feeling. I had done it from conception in my kitchen.”

She sells racy snaps online

Before going on the show, Camilla started the business by making the drink at home, packaging it in cartons and driving around delivering it to customers.

She could only make 300 cartons a week as she was still working full time, and the product had a really short shelf life.

She knew that she needed more money if she wanted to turn her idea from a small side project into a successful business, so decided to apply for The Apprentice.

The Mirror has contacted Camilla’s representative for comment.

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