Angela Black star Joanne Froggatt hits out at sexism she’s received while turning 40

Actress Joanne Froggatt is currently appearing in Angela Black which is a six part drama series on ITV and will conclude on Sunday

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Joanne Froggatt on showbiz sexism and comments about her age

Actress Joanne Frogatt has hit out at the sexism that she has received as she’s turned 40.

The star has opened up about how she gets asked if she is having children since she was 38.

On the Reign With Josh Smith podcast, she said: “From the age of about 38, 37, whenever I’ve been doing publicity for my work or anything else, I’ve been constantly asked, “oh are you going to have children? When are you having children? Or how are you feeling about turning 40?”

Joanne, who is now 41, has noticed that her male colleagues get treated differently.

She has found that her male co-stars don’t tend to get asked the same question about children.

She added: “Honestly with men and I’m not just saying this as a sweeping statement, I can guarantee it, I don’t think any man I’ve ever worked with – because I ask them all the time, all my male colleagues think this is ridiculous – they never get asked those questions. “

Joanne has hit out at the sexism she’d received since turning 40

The actress said that she hasn’t yet found a man that has been asked if they are having children.

Joanne went on to say that she is the most comfortable with herself since turning 40 as well being proud of herself.

She mentioned that she feels happy about the experiences she’d gone through whether they’ve been good or bad.

Joanne noted that she would rather be judged on her sense of humour, intelligence, talent and things she’d achieved rather than how attractive she is.

She found it ‘constantly amazing’ that women get judged on their looks so often as well as how old they are.

Joanne says she gets asked when she’s having children

At one point in her career, Joanne shared that she was one mortgage payment away from quitting acting.

She has been able to financially support herself since she was 16 but said she has had moments where she struggled.

Joanne said: “I remember in my early twenties, I think I had one mortgage payment left in the bank and I just thought, “all right, I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get another job and I can’t do anything else.” I landed a job just by the skin of my teeth.”

Joanne’s most recently acting role is in the drama series Angela Black where he character is caught in an abusive relationship.

Joanne is currently appearing in Angela Black

When talking about the new series, Joanne mentioned that domestic abuse has been at the forefront during the pandemic and that the people going through that is ‘courageous and heroic’.

Joanne is advocating for school to teach their students about coercive control and domestic abuse.

She thinks that relationship education should be taught alongside sex education because if they’re not getting a good example from home then it is difficult for children to learn.

Women’s Aid worked alongside Angela Black whilst it was being filmed.

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