Adele tells Oprah that ex-husband ‘saved her life’ but ‘no-one can hurt her now’

Adele has spoken about what triggered her divorce from the person she said saved her from heading down a “dodgy path” and was an angel sent to her

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Adele One Night Only trailer unveiled

Adele has opened up about how her marriage fell apart and claimed that her ex-husband, Simon Konecki, “saved her life”.

The 33-year-old singer spoke to Oprah Winfrey in the same rose garden that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed all about their relationship with the Royal Family.

As part of a ‘One Night Only’ special on CBS in the United States, Adele sang some of her new songs from latest album 30, as well as some of her greatest hits to star-studded audience which included LIzzo, Gordon Ramsay and James Corden.

As part of her live performance at Griffiths Observatory, Adele engineered a surprise proposal for a couple of fans, who successfully got engaged onstage in front of the audience.

Adele opened up to Oprah about her life in the past few years



“Look at her, she’s so in shock,” she said, as the couple sat on the front row with Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy.

The singer then sang a rendition of Make You Feel My Love, congratulating them afterwards.

Sitting down with Oprah she also spoke honestly and openly about her life over the past six years and how she felt lonely as her marriage came to an end as well how her ex-husband Simon was her saviour.

Speaking about wanting to have the perfect family, and how she feels embarrassed about not making her marriage works, Adele said: “From a very young age I promised myself that when I had kids that we will stay together, we would be that united family.

“And I tried for a really, really long time and then I was so disappointed for my son, I was so disappointed for myself and I thought I was going to be the one who stops doing those bloody patterns all the time.”

Oprah asked: “Is this the divorce album?”

Adele replied: “I think I am divorcing myself on it.”

Adele sang some her new songs to an invited audience


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Opening up about her divorce, Adele said: “It’s lonely, I spent a lot of time on my own, really sitting in my feelings and not keeping myself busy.”

She also shared how she has stopped drinking following her dad’s death.

Oprah said: “You’ve had a fascinating relationship with alcohol, where you said that alcohol fascinated you.”

Adele agreed: “Yeah, very much as it took my dad from me.”

Oprah then asked: “And then you stopped?”

To which Adele replied: “When I was going through everything a couple of years ago, when I was going through my divorce, yes.

“Not at the beginning, at first I probably kept the alcohol industry alive but after I realised I had a lot of work to do on myself, so i stopped drinking and I started working out a lot to keep me centred.”

Adele performed at the Griffith Observatory


CBS via Getty Images)

Adele later detailed the moment she knew that she had to split from her husband, saying: “With my journey… I do remember one of my friends, we were all answering these questions in this magazine and it was something like, what’s something that no-one will ever know about you.

“And I said it in front of three of my friends, ‘I am really not happy, I’m not living, I’m just plodding along’ and there was a lyric I put on 25 which was ‘I want to live, not survive’ and I definitely feel like that.

“It was first time I had admitted to my own friends who thought I was really happy but I was unhappy and they all gasped.

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“It was from there, I thought what am I doing and who am I doing it for?”

Adele wanted fans to know that it wasn’t a decision taken lightly.

She said: “I take marriage very seriously and it seems like I don’t now almost like I disrespected it by getting married and then divorced so quickly. I am just embarrassed I didn’t make my marriage work.”

Adele explained what triggered her divorce



Reflecting on the start of her relationship with her ex-husband, she added: “I think Simon probably saved my life, to be honest and came at such a moment where the stability that him and Angelo have given me, no-one else would ever been able to give me.

“Especially at that time in my life I was so young and I think I would have got a bit lost in it all of it.

“I could have easily have gone down some dodgy paths and self-destructive by being so overwhelmed by it and he came in and he was stable, the most stable person I have ever had in my life up until that point.

“Even now I trust him with my life. Him and Angelo were angels sent to me, that’s how I feel.”

Adele revealed her son Angelo asked her “why don’t you love daddy anymore?”

She said: “That was really hard, trying to explain to a six year old, at the time, that I do love him, I’m just not in love with him, which makes no sense to a six year old.

“There were so many answers that I couldn’t give him because there aren’t any really that he would understand.

Adele performed in a One Night Only special for CBS


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“But he sees that I still love his dad, we live across the street from each other, we are away together sometimes and me and Simon chat away without Angelo.

“I respect him more than anyone… We don’t talk about (the album) … but he knows what kind of artist I am, that I have to dig deep to tell my stories.”

Speaking about how she finds inspiration for her songs, Adele says that their depth even surprising herself with where they were coming from.

Explaining the process, Adele said: “I am pulling from somewhere else from somewhere else underneath, I don’t know what it is coming up through me. I don’t know how I access it because I don’t think I am that deep in real life.”

Adele opened up to Oprah about her life



She added: “There were moments when I was writing the record I would listen back to something and think, that might be too private, that might be too about myself to put out.

“But nothing is as scary as what I have been through the past two or three years behind closed doors, so I’m not frightened about what people may or may not do now.”

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