7 Best Robert Pattinson Films

Remaining the Twilight collection was rather an ordeal for the actors along with the audiences, and let’s only say that not everybody caused it to be out as well as they should have.

The stars first got it particularly rough, with many never landing a substantial role when the last Twilight movie was filmed.

Whilst it felt like their respective professions were over, Robert Pattinson has somehow reinvented himself and rebuilt a career more or less from the floor up. It served him have the lead position in the forthcoming The Batman film, which can be no small deal. Let’s take a look at the movies he did that very nearly created people overlook he was that shiny vampire from Twilight.

The Lighthouse

Among the good shows of a year ago, The Lighthouse is really a dark and white movie that only stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.

They get caught in a lighthouse and slowly get ridiculous as time passes, with a piece that centers heavily across the heroes and how they connect to one another. It is a great film, however, not gentle viewing. That film keeps you thinking and guessing.

Pattinson, Dafoe, and a furious seagull may be the stars of “The Lighthouse” but this is a movie that is constantly contacting attention to the options of their director and creative team.

From your choice to shoot it in dull 4:3 rate to heighten the claustrophobia to the non-stop cacophony of noise—it is like if they do not destroy one another, the dunes or storm will—“The Lighthouse” is just a physical assault.

It’s a straightforward picture to enjoy with both in their desire and performance, but there is a creeping feeling that it does not actually total up to significantly higher than a tiny self-aware poke in the attention, and the film does not rather stick the landing to produce that sensation move away.

Certain, that kind of experimental provocation is fun in a unique complicated way, however it thinks like a overlooked possibility to become more than just “fun.”

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire

While Robert wasn’t as identified during the time of his portion in Harry Potter, they certainly were stable films and he didn’t stand out as positively horrible at his job – which is something you’d assume in the event that you see him in Twilight.

Actually, that pre-Twilight movie perfectly shows that what was wrong with that collection was certainly not the actors’fault.

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was guided by Henry Newell, the initial English manager in the series. With this specific last picture, the Harry Potter tale demonstrates significantly more than actually the resiliency of J.K. Rowling’s unique invention.

Her books have developed a world that could grow indefinitely and make new characters without limit.

That there are schools like Hogwarts in different nations comes as information and offers many opportunities; the sole buffer to the collection lasting permanently is Harry’s inexorably advancing age.

The very thought of him time for Hogwarts for old guys’time is too gloomy to contemplate.

Water for Elephants

Not merely was that film a good film, but also starring Reese Witherspoon, but it had been also really filmed during the Twilight Tale filming. Pattinson indicating correct in the center of that that he gets the abilities to perform in a kind of indie relationship film, immediately redeems him.

“Water for Elephants” was guided by Francis Lawrence, whose “I Am Legend” and “Constantine” were not predictions with this fairly classic film. The script is by Richard LaGravenese, whose “The Horse Whisperer” also revealed compassion for the personalities of animals.

The history, based on the best-seller by Sara Gruen, is informed as a flashback by an old man named Jacob (Hal Holbrook), who lost his parents in 1931, slipped out of Cornell University’s professional college, attack the road, and jumped a train that occurred, wouldn’t you know, to become a circus train.

Played by Robert Pattinson as a childhood, he is naive and thrilled, and his eyes load with question as he sees the beautiful Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) on her behalf bright display horse.

The master September (Waltz) is willing to put him off the prepare till he finds small Jacob knows anything about veterinary medicine.

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The Rover

Robert Pattinson’s depiction of Rey, a young girl slipped on Jakku by… – wait, that is perhaps not right. Rey, in this movie, tries to endure in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, wherever no body needs to simply help someone else out since number one has such a thing remaining to spare.

Pattinson does a wonderful work as this relatively sad character, and it’s just one of those little-known jobs he does that cements him as one of the personalities of his generation.

A decade after a mysterious ‘fail’has damaged contemporary society, a taciturn, dangerously severe former farmer (Pearce) pursues some vehicle thieves throughout the post-apocalyptic landscape helped by the betrayed brother (Pattinson) of one of the criminals.

David Michôd’s introduction, Dog Empire, a densely filled, thematically split household offense saga, was surprise blast of oxygen from the usually seemingly moribund Australian picture industry.

Whatever he did next was obviously planning to be in ‘hard 2nd film’property, and while The Rover is just a competently made thriller with a prepare of capable activities and some cracking production style, if it takes almost half 10 years to get a picture built, you’d believe it may have a bit more ambition than this.


Dealing with enjoy among the principal parts in a Christopher Nolan movie isn’t any small job, particularly thinking about the set of go-to people Christopher Nolan has. Robert Pattinson does an incredible job in that film and proves that despite his focus on more indie and artsy projects recently, he can hold a blockbuster activity movie.

If “Tenet” can be a hard movie to interact with emotionally or even comprehend narratively, that doesn’t take away from their craftsmanship on a complex level.

It’s an impressive film merely to see, bombarding the viewer with bombastic noise design and beautiful widescreen cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema.

The film never sags with regards to technical aspects and even performance. Most people are focused on Nolan’s runaway speed.

Vehicle Hoytema’s work is vivid, Jennifer Lame’s editing is limited, and the shows are typical good to great. In particular, Pattinson really shines in a fun enroll that he’s infrequently allowed to use.

Good Time

Despite what the concept might imply, that movie isn’t a great time for Robert Pattinson’s character. He’s a down on his chance offender who robs banks together with his disabled brother.

It’s yet another some of those “I can not think Robert Pattinson drawn that off” movies that report precisely what an incredible actor he really is.

That hum pervades the Safdie friends’excellent “Good Time,” a picture that reminds me of good “town movies” of the ‘70s like “Mean Streets” and “Dog Day Afternoon.”

With a central efficiency from Robert Pattinson that feels just like a primary descendant of Al Pacino’s for the reason that Lumet picture, “Good Time” is a movie that can’t stay however, and I show that in the perfect way.

There’s a palpable feeling of anxiety and worry that comes through in every hot body after the film’s inciting incident.

It’s one particular uncommon shows that makes you’re feeling edgy, conveying its protagonist’s dilemma in ways that prey on your own nerves and emotions more than just relaying a night-from-hell anecdote.

That being said, most of what shines so effectively about “Good Time” can be traced back again to Robert Pattinson’s efficiency, the most effective of an already-impressive career.

He’s impossible to ignore from his very first world, expressing Connie’s ability to just keep looking himself greater and greater into trouble. Connie makes possibilities immediately, and one gets the effect that it’s an instinctual ability that has served him at times but will simply demonstrate his problem on this specific night.

“Good Time” is actually one extended pursuit movie—the history of a person attempting to evade record for a bank robbery and get his brother from the situation into which he threw him—and Pattinson perfectly provides the worried power to be basically hunted by your own personal poor conclusions without ever sensation like he is eating scenery.

Like Pacino in the ‘70s, there is anything in the eyes and your body language, an unease about what’s planning to take place next, an inability to stay down. It’s a wonderful performance and one of the finest of 2017 by far.


Most likely the peak of his indie arty tasks, Cosmopolis is just a really odd, anti-capitalist film wherever Robert Pattinson represents the weirdest wealthy man in New York.

And despite how wild and bizarre the film is, Pattinson plays it like oahu is the most critical part of the world. Nearly like his figure exists inside our world.

As the movie opens, Packer stands on the sidewalk before what is possibly his company tower and states without sentiment, “We truly need a haircut.” As Pattinson represents Packer, he states every thing without emotion.

Most of the criticisms you may have heard or presented about Pattinson’s performances whilst the vampire Edward in the “Twilight” (2008) shows only serve to underline he is perfectly cast as Packer.

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