Mum claims KFC served her family ‘Bushtucker Trial’ after daughter found ‘worm’ in corn

The horrifying discovery of a crop-munching worm left a family’s birthday celebrations in disarray – Keeley Trundley claims the creepy crawly made a surprise appearance in her daughters corn on the cob from KFC

A sickened mum claims KFC served her family their very own 'Bushtucker Trial' - when her daughter discovered a 1.5-inch 'dead worm' burrowed inside her corn on the cob.
A sickened mum claims KFC served her family their very own ‘Bushtucker Trial’ – when her daughter discovered a 1.5-inch ‘dead worm’ burrowed inside her corn on the cob.

A repulsed mum claims to have discovered a worm buried inside her daughters corn on the cob.

Keeley Trundley had ordered from KFC as a birthday treat for her son, Jamie Pearsons, 18th birthday.

But the celebrations came to a dramatic pause when her daughter, Kayleigh-Ann Pearson, 21, noticed her cob tasted ‘hollow’.

Kayleigh then check her corn and to her disgust, discovered a worm in her half-eaten corn.

She then began to record the corm, showing the insect, believe the be a crop-munching corn borer larva, projecting from the core of the cob with its black head and cream-coloured body pointing outwards.

Keely then slides what is believed to be the worm out from the corn using a paper towel as Kayleigh-An groans in utter disgust before joking ‘what a lovely birthday surprise, Jamie’.

Keeley has revealed the £43 order from Bromley KFC, Kent, left the whole family feeling uneasy for the rest of the birthday celebrations.

Kayleigh-Ann Pearson had bit inter for corn when she noticed her cob tasted ‘hollow’.


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The event has left Keeley’s daughter so utterly traumatised, she has vowed to never eat KFC again.

Keeley compared the experience to a Bushtucker Trial from ITV’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, and later that night she tweeted KFC to sarcastically request ‘edible food’ next time.

KFC has since apologised for what they profess to be ‘a lost corn borer’ which had soiled Keeley’s sons birthday celebrations and have vowed to ‘make things right’.

Kayleigh-Ann-Ann, from Bromley, said: “I went to take a bite of this corn and I just knew something wasn’t right. It was hollow in the middle but usually, it’s quite hard and you take the corn off.

“I spat it back out into the box straight away. I automatically thought it was rotten but the worm must have eaten it.

“At first I thought it was underdeveloped sweet corn but then I saw it was a worm and I started videoing because I thought it was just terrible. It was horrible.

Keeley and her daughter, Kayleigh-Ann Pearson pictured


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“I wouldn’t touch it because I was so disgusted. I couldn’t believe it. I did think it was moving at one point but no, it was dead.

Mum Keeley lives with children Jamie, Lilly-Mae Tucker, 12, Joshua Tucker, nine, and Roman Pearson, 19 – while Kayleigh-Ann lives elsewhere and came over for the celebrations.

The usual birthday tradition would be to go out to a restaurant, but the birthday boy had asked for KFC.

The mum of five has since declared her frustration at the ‘sickening’ discovery as she’d been looking forward to the precious chance to have a meal with all her children present.

Keeley, from Bromley, Kent, said: “It was a bit like a Bushtucker Trial. I felt sick for hours after it.

“Kayleigh-Ann bit into the corn and instantly spat it back out. She said that something’s not right and it was a bit hollow. I didn’t believe her and told her to stop being so dramatic, because she can be.

“When she said she thinks it is, she passed it over to me and we filmed the video because it was definitely a worm. She just kept gagging.

“It’ll be months before I can order one again, maybe even a year or more. It’s put me off corn on the cob from anywhere – even at home now.

Keeley had ordered the food from KFC through Just Eat.


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The family’s birthday order included two zinger box meals with two hot wings, including a corn cob each, one zinger burger meal, one fillet burger meal and one fillet box meal, with another cob in it.

Keeley’s had posted to Twitter saying: “As much as I appreciate the gift for my sons 18th today, I’d prefer proper edible food in future.”

In a reply, KFC had requested Keeley to contact them via direct message but has claimed she has not heard from them since.

Keeley said: “KFC hasn’t got back to me at all since I messaged them. They said they were sorry to hear I found it and asked for some details.

KFC have still not gotten back to Keeley after providing an apology


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“I sent them the receipt so they could look into it but they’ve not even read that.

A KFC Spokesperson gave an apology for the event, maintaining that whilst the worm is harmless, it should not have been there and they will try to rectify the situation.

Just Eat refused to comment butsaid Keeley has been given a refund.

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