Adele fans in stitches after she releases blooper video for ‘Easy On Me’

Rumour Has It singer Adele has shared the hilarious bloopers video for her new song Easy On Me, much to her fans’ delight

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Adele’s sense of humour and trademark cackle are just as loved as the singer’s stunning vocals.

The Rumour Has It singer has shared the hilarious bloopers video for her new song Easy On Me, much to her fans’ delight.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors! Here’s the bloopers from the Easy On Me video,” she wrote with a laughing crying emoji.

The clip starts with her bursting into laughter during an emotional car scene where she tells the director: “Wait give me a second!”

It cuts to her in a park hidden behind bushes where her South London tones can be heard as she shouts into a phone: “Hello? Can you hear me?” before realising that’s one of her lyrics and bursting into fits of laughter.

Adele shared the hilarious blooper video from her new song Easy On Me

The sequence continues where the megastar has to keep re-doing the same scene due to an issue she has with a long latex coat.

“This f***** coat,” she repeats as she gets the shot wrong every time.

In one scene she sits in a room full of paper on the floor as she has wind machines pointed in her face.

As she sings, large pieces of paper fly up and hit her in the face – causing the star to lose all composure.

One fan wrote: “I love how she sings all these serious songs yet she seems so carefree and hilarious, this is what I call balance.”

Another said: “Haven’t particularly been a fan but now much more interested after seeing Adele is so normal.”

Making reference to her emotionally charged songs, one person wrote: “How could she mischievously laugh when she knew she’s gonna destroy us with this song.”

It has been reported and confirmed today that Adele has returned to London to perform in her hometown for the first time in four years.

The Tottenham girl, who now lives in LA with her boyfriend Rich Paul, has also returned to launch a new TV special.

The singer has returned to her hometown of London ahead of her eagerly anticipated album 30



Adele’s hotly-anticipated album 30, is out on November 19, and ahead of the launch she has returned to the capital in order to get ready for the launch of all launches.

The Sun confirmed that on Saturday , November 6, she is set to appear live at the London Palladium to record an ITV special in front of a star-studded audience.

The star-studded audience is set to include the likes of Sir Elton John and Little Mix, as well as Alan Carr and many more.

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